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Finding Evidence | Preparing for College English I when the quoted words are your primary evidence (for instance, in an English paper you might quote from a novel; in a history paperYou should think about summarizing a source. when a passage from a source is too long to quote or paraphrase. when only the main ideas of a source are relevant... Quotes From 'A Passage to India' by E.M. Forster

For example, when you cite sources in a psychology paper you would probably use a different form of citation than you might in a paper for an English class. Finally, you should always consult your instructor to determine the form of citation appropriate for your paper. ENG 1001: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing If you mention the author’s name in your sentence, you should not repeat it in parentheses, but you still must cite the page number(s). For online sources, though, cite the page or paragraph number(s) only if you see the number(s) on the web page as it appears on your computer screen. Acknowledging, Paraphrasing, and Quoting Sources – Writing ... Unless your assignment is to do a formal or “literal” paraphrase,* you usually don’t need to paraphrase an entire passage; instead, choose and summarize the material that helps you make a point in your paper. Think of what “your own words” would be if you were telling someone who’s unfamiliar with your subject (your mother, your ... Tips How to Quote Dialogue In an Essay - A Research Guide

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The information that you add always should be brief; reserve your major comments on the quotation's information to be placed after the quotation ends. Show any added information by placing that added information in square brackets within the quote. If your computer or typewriter does not have square bracket keys, then draw the brackets in. When quoting a passage for your paper you should a use quotation ... When quoting a passage for your paper you should a use quotation marks b not from WRITING 101 at University of Maryland, University College. Quotation Marks | UMUC When writing a student paper or professional document, it is important to know ... four typed lines in your paper, you should indent the entire passage one-inch from the left ... Typically, you should include an introduction signaling the quote. ... inside the quotation marks—the only exception would be when you have a citation ... Quoting Passages Using MLA Style - A Research Guide for Students

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Sources are annotated using inline citations, typically in the form of footnote (see Citing sources).[3] In addition to an inline citation, in-text attribution is usually required when quoting or closely paraphrasing source material (for…


If you read a work in translation and you used a direct quotation from it in your paper, you would put quotation marks around the quoted passage just as for any other direct quotation citation. Although the work has been translated, it exists in a distinct, retrievable form.

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Why and how you should quote — Мегаобучалка When you quote someone, you state their exact words in your text, using quotation marks (inverted commas) and providing the reference.In-text referencing is used when you are quoting or paraphrasing sources in your essay. A bibliography is a list at the end of your paper that shows which... Integrating Quotes: Citing Sources Effectively in MLA-Style… This passage integrates a very brief quotation (just four words) into a sentence that helps the author make a point.The above example makes a very small point, quoting a much longer passage than necessaryThe organization of your paper should flow from the argument that you plan to make.